9 Things You Must Include in Sexuality Education for Individuals with ASD

9 Things You Must Include in Sexuality Education for Individuals with ASD

Developing a universal sex education curriculum that would apply to all individuals on the autism spectrum is no easy task — if that task is even possible.  But if we include at least these 9 things, we can become empowered.


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One Photograph to Break My Silence: A Heart-to-Heart Conversation on Autism and Sexual Abuse

[Title]The prevalence of autism and sexual abuse exists. We know it exists. So why do we continue to remain silent on this issue? We need to bring that conversation back to life. Even if it is to break the silence — one person at a time.

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Reflecting on My Sibling Perspective Interview for TPGA and a Birthday Message to my Brother

A shout-out to my brother on his Birthday and reflecting on my sibling perspective interview for the Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism.

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Behind the Scenes of Our Interview for NPR Intern Edition

Behind-the-Scenes of our Interview for NPR Intern EditionThe story behind our NPR story on love, relationships and autism — how it came to be and what one can learn from the experience of being documented in personal day-to-day life.

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Disability and Sexual Rights 101: Slide Show and Overview

A slide show pDisability and Sexual Rights 101resentation highlighting the barriers people with disabilities face in accessing sexual rights, and why disability and sexual justice matters to everyone from a human rights perspective.

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Honoring Transgender Day of Remembrance and a Simple Message on Humanity

Honoring TDOR and a Simple Message on HumanityA day of reflection which memorializes, recognizes, and honors those who have lost their lives as a direct result of discrimination and prejudice.

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Our Voices: What Are the Greatest Myths of Autism and Sexuality?

Our Voices: What Are the Greatest Myths of Autism and Sexuality?There are myths swirling around ASDs and sexuality… and boy, there are plenty of them! We explore the possible origin of of these myths and hear from the voices of other autistic individuals about what they would like you to know about ASDs and sexuality.

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‘Alien to the World’: A Filmmaker’s Personal Perspective on Asperger’s Syndrome

"Alien to the World": A Filmaker's Personal Perspective on Asperger's Syndrome

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6 Things an OB/GYN Needs to Know When Taking Care of a Patient with ASD


6 Things an OB/GYN Needs to Know When Taking Care of a Patient with ASD

Without a doubt, office visits with an OB/GYN are among the most stressful health care procedures… especially for people on the autism spectrum. Because the OB/GYN environment is not often “ASD-friendly”, these individuals may avoid these visits altogether. This is unfortunate considering OB/GYN visits are essential in ensuring a person’s sexual and physical reproductive health. But little changes in your environment and your interactions can make a world of a difference. If you are an OB/GYN and caring for a patient on the autism spectrum, here are 6 things you need to know.
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The Science of Autism and Orgasm

UVAS_ by J.Rio, on FlickrLet’s make one thing clear: people with autism do experience orgasms.  But how different is the orgasm experience for an autistic individual?  Is it more intense?  Is it less intense?  Is it the same? We dive into the topic head-on and address the possible aspects and challenges that are unique to individuals on the autism spectrum.

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