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Recap of Geneva Centre for Autism 2010 International Symposium – Part 1: Remembrance

Recap of Geneva Autism 2010 Symposium Part 1: Remembrance

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Bullying issues exist for LGBT youth with disabilities, too.

Bullying issues exist for LGBT youth with disabilities, too.There has been a rise in media coverage and celebrity campaigns on the serious issue of anti-gay bullying, and the awareness is all worth applauding for.  But what about the individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning and have an ASD or other developmental disability?

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Interview in NBC4 Ohio’s “The Autism Puzzle” Newsletter and possible TV appearance!

I finally received a digital copy of an interview Dave and I did for our friend Simon and the folks over at OCALI for the June 2010 Edition of "The Autism Puzzle", powered by NBC4 (Ohio NBC News affiliate) and the Autism Society of America...

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Are you there, World? It’s me, ASD Female.

Are you there, World? It's me, ASD Female.

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Can individuals with ASDs enjoy spontaneous sex?

According to a number of sex experts, magazine columnists, and the vast majority of the sexually active population, there is a beauty to spontaneity, and claim it is essential to keep sex spontaneous in order to make intimacy more exciting and enjoyable.  Tell that to an autistic individual, or someone who works with or dates an autistic individual, and chances are you’ll get a very different take on the matter.

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Uniting The ASD and LGBT movement

In the LGBT community, there are tremendous resources, support networks, and established organizations which promote advocacy and awareness.  The same goes to the autism community.  But what about the amount of resources, support, and established organizations for autistic individuals in the LGBT community? What about an opportunity to collaborate?

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Ready to move in together? A 10-step plan for ASD couples

Making the decision to move in together is a huge and exciting step in your relationship, but along with that comes the overwhelming transition and change.  However, with careful discussion and step-by-step planning, you can set your "merging" experience off to a great start.  Here are 10 steps you can take to make the move-in process as smooth as possible.

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So What’s the Fascination with Autism and Sex?

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Two things never to expect in a relationship or marriage

Every one is entitled to set some expectations in a marriage or relationship -- respect, honesty, and fidelity to name a few. But there are two things that some people still make the mistake of expecting, only to result in disappointment or failure.

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