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The Science of Autism and Orgasm

UVAS_ by J.Rio, on FlickrLet’s make one thing clear: people with autism do experience orgasms.  But how different is the orgasm experience for an autistic individual?  Is it more intense?  Is it less intense?  Is it the same? We dive into the topic head-on and address the possible aspects and challenges that are unique to individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Breast Cancer and Sexuality: A Few Resources

Breast Cancer and Sexuality: A Few ResourcesLooking for information on breast cancer and advice on sex and intimacy? Here are a brief list of links and resources.

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Can individuals with ASDs enjoy spontaneous sex?

According to a number of sex experts, magazine columnists, and the vast majority of the sexually active population, there is a beauty to spontaneity, and claim it is essential to keep sex spontaneous in order to make intimacy more exciting and enjoyable.  Tell that to an autistic individual, or someone who works with or dates an autistic individual, and chances are you’ll get a very different take on the matter.

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The scientific analysis of a romantic scene

Traditional scenes for romance -- walking on the beach, looking out on the lake, watching the stars, or watching a movie from a living room couch -- is all about "enjoying the moment", right?  So why do some individuals replace these "moments" with discussions on scientific analysis, historical facts, and other unromantic topics?

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