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The scientific analysis of a romantic scene

Traditional scenes for romance -- walking on the beach, looking out on the lake, watching the stars, or watching a movie from a living room couch -- is all about "enjoying the moment", right?  So why do some individuals replace these "moments" with discussions on scientific analysis, historical facts, and other unromantic topics?

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Ready to move in together? A 10-step plan for ASD couples

Making the decision to move in together is a huge and exciting step in your relationship, but along with that comes the overwhelming transition and change.  However, with careful discussion and step-by-step planning, you can set your "merging" experience off to a great start.  Here are 10 steps you can take to make the move-in process as smooth as possible.

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Two things never to expect in a relationship or marriage

Every one is entitled to set some expectations in a marriage or relationship -- respect, honesty, and fidelity to name a few. But there are two things that some people still make the mistake of expecting, only to result in disappointment or failure.

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